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"We've got what you need!"

It is more than just a motto, this is the way we do business.  Our goal is to have everything you need to cut and care for your lawn, shrubs and trees.  If you need PVC, fertilizer, a lawn mower, or a line trimmer, we carry it and at guaranteed low prices.


You can trust us to maintain your landscape the way you like it.  Whether you need help every week or once in a while, you can depend on our professionals to take care of your needs.


When you hire Hendricks Landscape Contractor you hire more than just a crew to service your property.  Our customers enjoy a host of services designed to assist them with the care of their landscape.  The services we provide extend much farther than simply mowing, trimming and blowing.  In addition to these, we perform sprinkler repair, low voltage lighting repair, flower beds, planting, tree trimming, olive tree spraying and all aspects of landscape construction.



Our Guarantee


Hendricks Landscape Contractor is committed to providing you with the highest quality service in the industry. 


If at any time you are not satisfied with our service, simply call and notify us of the problem and we will return and re-service your property.  If we do not make it right, we will refund the service amount for the previous visit with no questions asked.




Sprinkler repair and maintenance

Whether our customers need one sprinkler head repaired or an entire irrigation system installed we are licensed and qualified to complete the work needed.  


We are familiar with all aspects of drip, sprinkler and flood irrigation.  Best of all, as a customer, you are automatically at the top of the list. 

Low voltage lighting repair

Low voltage lighting will light up and add beauty to the landscape.  However, if it is not working it is of little use.  In addition to the installation of lighting fixtures, we also repair and maintain low voltage lighting for our customers at their request. 


Let us put you on a regular maintenance schedule to make your outdoor lighting all it can be.

Tree thinning and trimming

Tree beauty and health can only be accomplished by regular and consistent pruning.  Our employees have extensive experience and knowledge in tree trimming and tree health.  Do not wait for the monsoon winds to break the weak branches that have developed in your trees.  Call us today to set up a regular schedule of tree care for your property.

Fertilizing schedules

Fertilizers are very important here in the desert southwest where there is very little nutritional value in our soils.  This is why we place every customer on a fertilization schedule.

Our most important nutrient needed for growth is nitrogen.  Nitrogen occurs naturally as organic material decays.  In a dry desert area where landscapes are swept clean of organic material, it is important to add amendments to bring about favorable conditions for plant growth.

Floral Displays

There is no better way to add focal points with color than seasonal flowers.  Whether we install one pot, a series of specialty pots or flower planting beds there is no better way to set off your property than with color from seasonal flowers.  Seasonal flowers come in a variety of colors and textures and can be adapted to any environment.

Winter lawn installation

The installation of a winter lawn each fall enables the southwest desert to have beautiful green lawn areas throughout the year.  Each fall we apply a process labeled “overseeding”.  This is a process that transitions our lawns from heat loving Bermudas to cool season ryes.  Although the process is started in October, the ryes do not

rule until after Thanksgiving and have a difficult time giving in until July of the following year.  However, once you have had a quality perennial rye grass lawn you will be sad to see it go each year.  Rye grasses are greener, softer and because of the season they require much less water to maintain their lush appearance.

Olive tree spraying

When it comes to olive tree spraying, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  The spraying of an olive tree prevents the annoying onslaught of the unsightly staining and mess as olives drop onto the landscape.  This process is not costly or invasive and is completed early each spring.  Call us any time of the year and we will put you on the schedule.


You can depend on us for all of your landscape needs.



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